Refound The Love For GT5

As last year was so crap in terms of work, I didn’t get to spend much time relaxing on the PS3. I only got one new game – Uncharted 3 (as a birthday present so didn’t even buy it myself!) – and spent a couple of weeks finishing off the main story in November. But apart from that, the black beast under the TV was only used to stream TV shows from my PC.

That was until Christmas came. The Wife spent the week between Christmas and New Year at work and so with the spare time afforded me I was able to spend some time on the PS3 and during this time I refound the love for Gran Turismo 5.

There’s been some updates to it since I last played (pribably back in March) and while they haven’t made any drastic changes it has improved the game a bit.

The biggest difference I can see since I last played is that they’ve introduced Power Points which are used to rank cars. There’s probably some complex formula involving bhp, weight and other car characteristics but it allows you to have more matched races by settin a PP limit as you then don’t have to concern yourself too much with setting all of the other limits on weight, bhp, etc…

So I spent the Christmas break getting back on my GT5 horse(power) and took part in some of the Seasonal Events that were still open. These are a great way to earn credits in the game as the reward is a lot greater than what you get from the main A-Spec campaign. After a few hours I’d earnt around 4 million credits and was back up to 20 million in total, the most you can have in the game, so went on a spending spree buying cars to fill up my garage.

So having rekindled the relationship I’ve spent more time on it since then building up the garage, doing some tuning, completing the Seasonal events (well the A-Spec ones, anyway) and taking part in a couple of online games with the O&R boys. It really has been fun!

And just recently, @JRDobbo and @phileasphil have got hold of a copy of the game and so we are now planning to have a mini tournament along with @nicharrison2. A set number of races in specific cars on specially chosen tracks (so we can practice) one evening towards the end of the month. It’s gonna be a blast!