What A Manic 5 Months That’s Been

The observant amongst you may have noticed that it’s been 5 months since anything remotely interesting has occurred on here (‘interesting’ in the vaguest sense, obviously). Except maybe for some Twitter posts it’s been relatively quiet on the ryandrews front.

The main reason for this is work. Since April my life has pretty much all been about my job, and not in a good way. Working 12-13 hour days, totally overworked, understaffed and pushed to the limit it has been hell! It’s affected my health (I’ve lost a lot of weight), I’m having trouble sleeping which makes things worse (try working 12 hours a day on 4 hours sleep for a few weeks!) and my social life has disappeared into a void so deep that I don’t really have one.

I went out to meet up with a few friends last week and this was the first time I’d been out in about two and a half months due to not finishing work until 8pm. Going home is always the first choice when getting out of the office this late!

But there is the faintest of lights on the horizon, but even that brings new problems. The workload is slowly decreasing due to us transitioning the work to a company who won a large piece of business from us, and that’s the good news.

The bad news is that this leaves me not knowing what is happening to my job come February next year. I’ve put my case forward and have come up with some ideas to my boss but I am at the mercy of the company. Whatever happens, I doubt I’ll be doing what I’m doing now in six months time. Nervous times indeed.

But on the plus side, my car’s fixed!