Honeymoon Day 9 – Tanjung Rhu

Our first full day at the Tanjung Rhu and after a busy couple of days we spent it by the pool. We would have prefered to spend it on the beach and in the sea but we can’t go in the sea because it’s jellyfish season apparently!

There’s a funny atmosphere around the pool, it’s deathly quiet. I like to cock about a bit in the pool, usually we play with a frisbee, but I get he feeling that if we tried that here we’d get thrown out. Or at the very least, tutted at!

What’s really annoying is that I’ve come down with a heavy cold and have spent my time in the heat sniffing and snorting. Not pleasant! I think I’ve annoyed the people on the sunbeds next to us by making too much noise.

Tonight’s dinner was taken in “Saffron” a Mediterranean restaurant in the hotel. Good food!

As I’m feeling really crappy (and feeling sorry for myself as us blokes tend to do) we’ve decided to head into Kuah Town tomorrow to pick up some medicine, and as a taxi there and back will be quite expensive we have hired a car for the day for not very much more money.