Honeymoon Day 9 – Exploring Langkawi

Still feeling really crap, we picked up the car after breakfast (a Toyota Rush seeing as you asked) and drove down into Kuah Town to find a pharmacy. After a bit of searching we found one and after some very good pigeon English and excellent acting on my part we came away with what we hoped would be some drugs that would fix me. There was a chance they could have been absolutely anything.

From Kuah we drove along the coast to Pentai Cenang. There’s some lovely beaches there and we had a quick walk along them. We put some petrol in the car and started to make our way to Pentai Kok but the heavens opened and it rained for about an hour so we headed back to the hotel for lunch as there was no way we were going to get out and get drenched.

After we’d eaten, The Wife then got behind the wheel (you don’t know how much of a big deal that is) and drove along the north of the island. We enjoyed the scenery and stopped at the Temurun Waterfall, but as it is with our luck, there was no water!

We continued to Pentai Kok and then onto the Langkawi Cable Car. It was closed for maintenance! What did I just say about our luck?

We then took the scenic route (read, ‘the wrong way’) to Gunung Raya, the highest point on the island. About 3 kilometres up the road our petrol light started flashing. Not knowing how far there was to go or how much further we could go with a near-empty tank we turned round and headed for a petrol station.

We filled up and drove back to Gunung Raya. The road twisted and turned for more than 13 kilometres and climbed nearly 900 meters. At the top there’s a hotel with a great viewpoint so we climbed up and we would have seen some great sunset views if it hadn’t been too hazy!

The drive down was fun as it became a race to get to the bottom before it got too dark. We won!