Getting A Kick From GT5

Since its launch, Gran Turismo 5 has had a fair number of bugs. Admittedly, Polyphony Digital have done a good job of releasing timely patches to fix the majority of them. There seems to be one, though, that is plaguing (is that a word?) a number of people on O&R that I had fortunately managed to avoid. Until last night!

A number of members have had problems trying to join lounges in order to take part in any of the tournaments or low bhp race nights that occur throughout the week. These include not being able to join the rest of the players in a lounge to getting kicked out of races, when they finally manage to get that far.

As I said, I’ve never had the problem and have enjoyed many a night racing round the tracks and coming last most of the time, but last night I experienced the problems that have hampered other’s online gaming.

All was going well until the host for the evening had to pop out for a bit and so a new host was selected. This happened mid-race and for some reason I was unable to see this person in the race. He actually won but according to the stats I saw, someone else had finished in first place.

We returned to the Lounge so that the new bhp level and track could be chosen. When the changes had been made I went to select my car – Ford Focus ST – which met the guidelines, butwhen I tried to get to the track I was met with a message saying my car didn’t meet the regulations, it was too powerful. I went back into the settings to double check and according to the game the car was too powerful despite being 2bhp under the limit. I tried removing some of the tuning to bring the power down but it kept telling me it was too much.

So I decided to change tack and went to select a totally different car. I selected the VW Golf a full 40bhjp under the limit, and tried to go to the track again. Still no joy. Still too powerful. I reverted back to the Mini I had had in the prevous race and it told me that this time I’d be able to race. So despite the levels having changed, my connection thought that everything was still the same. It had kicked me out of the proper lounge.

Not wanting to race against cars whose power would be substantially more than mine, I decided to exit the Lounge and re-join in the hope that this would fix the problem. But when I tried to log back in I was eventually met with a “cannot join lounge due to incompatability with the host” message. I tried a couple more times but got the same message every time.

So this put an end to my nights racing which was a shame as the number of players had grown to about 14 which meant that races were more competitive and I was slowly getting better. Well there’s always next time I guess…