Gran Turismo Online Shenanigans

Just before Christmas I had my first foray into the world of GT5 online with some races against some of the O&R peoples, and last night there was more of the same as about ten of us got together for some more petrol-fuelled tyre-squealing fun!

As most of us were relative noobs to the game things were kept quite sedate with races being limited to no more than about 300bhp early on. This gave us the chance to get used to racing online instead of against the single player AI.

First up, once a course had been chosen we had to select our cars. If they met the regulations then our own in-game cars could be used for the races, otherwise it was a case of choose from the online garage. One of the players, acting as host, gave us all advice about what settings to go for with regards to ABS, traction control and ASM. Which for low powered cars usually meant everything off!

Once the car and all settings had been chosen it was time to free-run around th etrack to get used to the layout and to set some good lap times which would determine our starting position on the grid. Needless to say, I started from the front half nearly every time!

One of the fun things about racing online is that there are more mistakes during the race and trying to get round the track without hitting anything or getting hit by anyone proves to be a challenge if you happen to be in the middle of the pack. Get out in front and you can avoid any crashes. Until your caught that is!

We raced around a range of different circuits including the tight turns of London and the mountainous Eiger Nordwand slowly increasing the bhp limit before I called it a night after a drive around Madrid in the high-powered Calsonic Skyline. Starting at the front of the grid (and so the slowest in practice) I was doing well until the penultimate lap when I hit a couple of barriers and got caught and shunted by the chasing pack and ended up coming 7th!

Oh, and that car at the top of my post is one of the cars I’ve currently got in my garage, a tasty Mitsubishi Evo X.