Yet Another Move

For the fourth time in eight months it was time to pack up our belongings last week to get ready to move desks once more. Although the last few times we’ve just moved around different floors in one building, this time it was to a new building.

The new offices are a bit boring and corporate-like but still a step up from the last few places. I have somehow managed to get one of the best desks though, tucked away in the far corner and facing out so no-one can creep up on me and hover behind me. Although with one colleague away on holiday and the other only being part-time it does mean that I will be on my own quite a bit for a while as the rest of our team sit on the other side of the room.

However, it looks as though they’ve had to rush some things to get the offices ready for us to move in this morning as there are a number of teething problems. The worst one is the fact that it’s so bloody cold at my desk! There’s a noticeable drop in temperature as you walk from one end of the office to the other and I’m sat right in the heart of the Antarctic!

Hopefully they’ll get it sorted soon as I don’t fancy sitting here all winter in my coat!