iTunes Is An Arse

I recently bought a new PC as my old one had started slowing down a bit and couldn’t handle some new programmes. It was about 10 years old, and despite upgrading it as much as possible a few years back, new software applications were starting to take their toll on it!

One of the pains when buying a new PC is transferring all of your old files to it and installing all of the software you’re used to running. Although I’m not a PC technical wizard, I know enough to get by without having to fork out for IT services from local companies.

However there was one problem that I encountered and it’s all the fault of Apple and their not-so-marvellous iTunes!

I have all my music stored on an external drive (for ease) and didn’t want to have to manually add in all the songs (some 90Gb worth!) into the new PC. But do you think Apple would make this easy? Of course not!

Just installing iTunes and then telling it where to look for the stored music doesn’t work. There’s a lot more to do because iTunes is an arse!

The process involves corrupting one of the iTunes files so that it reads a backup xml file, that stores all the music file pathname information. But if you’re not confident in playing about with files then doing it can seem quite a daunting process.

After hunting around the interwebs for information I found a relevant post here but I still had to make some adjustments to the process to fit in with my own setup.

(I’ve posted exactly how I did it here)

It’s a shame that iTunes deliberately makes it so hard to actually do this, but then again they place such tight controls over DRM and categorisation you’d expect nothing less from them I guess!