Minimoon Day 4

Our fourth and final (half) day in Rome and we started by jumping back on a bus up to the Vatican area to visit the Castel Sant’Angelo, originally a mausoleum built by the Roman Emporer Hadrian for him and his family in 139 AD. It’s now a museum and has some great pieces of art as well as period military costume.

Near the top there is a cafe which has great views looking down towards St Peter’s Basilica so we stopped there for a coffee and to admire the views.

We ended up getting lunch in Trastevere, having walked down through the markets at Campo de Fiori, and had our last proper Italian meal at a little pizzeria. One last calzone couldn’t quite match the feats of the ones in Piazza Mercanti or Ottaviano but it was good nonetheless!

We strolled back to the hotel, where our private car would be picking us up, but there was still time to enjoy a couple of drinks in the gardens of the hotel before it arrived. We were then whisked off back to the airport to catch our flight home.

Arriving at the airport, the wife decided she wanted one last gelato so after making it through security with no problems (must be the first time I’ve not been ‘randomly selected’ for a pat-down!) we hunted one down in the airport and found a place selling them. Did we go for a small one? Hell no!