The Final Day

Well we’ve been here now for two weeks but it feels like longer, but in a good way! After yesterday’s rain, today has been as sunny as all the other days, so our last chance to top up the tan. We headed to the beach after breakfast and sat out there all morning.

We snorkelled out on the reef at the edge of the lagoon in the hope of seeing something big before we go home but we didn’t have much luck. No rays. No turtles. No sharks. 🙁 We did see the porcupine fish that had been outside our room a couple of nights ago and we were able to see it much better this time, and may have got a decent photo of it as well!

The afternoon was spent doing pretty much the same as the morning. Because of the rain yesterday, The gf re-arranged our final spa appointments from just after lunch to 6pm and so we missed out on the final sunset of the holiday (more of that later…) as we were being pampered yet again.

Sanctuary Spa Room

Then it was time to collect our PADI AOWD certification from Tim and pay our bill (the sign that the holiday is coming to an end!). We were also told that we would get a wake-up call at 4.30am! I can’t see why because our flight on the sea plane isn’t until 6am! I’m not that slow at getting dressed!

We quickly packed our suitcases after dinner and then spent our last night drinking in the bar listening to the sounds of Lito and Kristy the house band and chatting with Mick and Gill, before heading back to the room to catch a few hours sleep before our extremely early wake-up call!

EDIT :: This is actually an abridged version of the final day. Find out exactly what happened and what the reference to the “final sunset” is all about here.