I’m A Winner Again!

Since winning the first Manager of the Month award in the Fantasy Soccerball League back in August, the league has been dominated by Chee, as he won 3 out of the next 4 prizes (lucky fekker!), although one of my teams that wasn’t playing for money did come first in December! Damn!

But two of my teams stormed it this month scoring nearly 80 points more than the nearest challengers. Rabid Vienna and Dyslexia Untied (I like a comical name!) were way out in front thanks mainly to Wayne Rooney finding his form and they ended up only a few points apart.

Rabid Vienna also took over at the top of the league knocking Chee’s team Mollix Munty into second place and Dyslexia Untied crept up to third place, so all in all it was a good month for my fantasy football teams!

My Fantasy Premier league have also had a good little run, moving up to 11th in the O&R league although there are still a few games left to play in the current Gameweek, so there;s still a chance to score more points. The decision to make Frank Lampard captain and not Wayne Rooney, may pay off as long as he has a good game on Tuesday night!