Holiday Proper Has Started

Well that certainly makes our mind up about moving rooms. Last night, having gone to bed early to catch up on our sleep, we were kept awake for ages with the music from the nearby bar. Advertised as being R&B love songs it was more like a nineties rave as the thud-thud of a heavy bass pounded our room.

When we eventually got up at a more godly hour and after breakfast, we tested out our mask and snorkel in the lagoon behind our room before spending the rest of the morning relaxing in the sun on our balcony with our books.

The Lagoon

After lunch we gave our new fins a run out, or should that be a swim-out, in the surrounding water. There wasn’t much to see in the shallow bits except for the usual small shoals but as we went a little deeper we came face to face with a big ray! Quite literally! I saw it first but by the time I had managed to point it out to the gf she was right on top of it, her face about 9 inches from it as it lay on the sea floor.

After dinner we hit the bar for a couple of drinks. The evening’s entertainment tonight was crab racing, and was as fun as that sounds!