Back To Normality

After our holiday to the Maldives it was back to normal today as the gf and I returned to work. It’s never nice returning to work after a holiday as, apart from your holiday being well and truly over, you have to answer everyone’s questions about your holiday over and over and you end up sounding like a broken record.

To try and combat this I tend to get into the office later than normal, hopefully after everyone else has arrived, so that you only have to answer the question once as everyone is around to hear you regale stories of your travels immediately upon the first question being asked. There’s also the added bonus of a lie-in!

And how nice it was of Southeastern to help me arrive late at work this morning by totally screwing up the trains again and delivering me thirty minutes late into St Pancreas. I had decided before we went away that I would stop being pedantic and no longer keep track of how late Southeastern made me but know I am having second thoughts about it!

Seriously, I have never known a company screw up so often. If I had the same performance record at work I would be sacked!