Another Relaxing Day

Spent the day doing very little, again. Sat on the beach in the morning and headed out to the edge of the lagoon for a snorkel. The gf spotted a large ray swimming past her and so we went to investigate although by the time I got there it had settled onto the floor and had camouflaged itself, not moving one bit. It must have been about a metre and a half wide with a really long tail.

We waited for ages hoping to see it swim off but it was very reluctant to move. I thought our luck was in when a fish swam right up to it but he didn’t even flinch!

After being offered the chance to check out a different hotel I don’t think we’ll be moving to Cinnamon Island! Did a bit of research on it and wasn’t impressed as much as we were by this place. OK, it’s got a pool but it’s a good 6 hours out of one of our days to get there.