A Day Doing Very Little

A bit of a lie-in this morning, well for me at least! Jumped out of bed at 9.10 and hurriedly threw some clothes on to make it to breakfast before it stopped at 9.30. Spent the morning as we did yesterday, chilling on the balcony with our books. Managed to finish my first one (I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max) but it was only short!

The hotel offer a snorkeling excursion twice a day which takes you out a little way from the hotel to a reef, so we decided to give this a try this afternoon. Walking down the jetty we spotted a small reef shark! When the boat moored at the spot we were to snorkel at, the water was incredibly choppy. Not quite the lake-like waters I was expecting!

After opting to wear a life vest we jumped in and made our way around the reef. There were lots of colourful fish of all sizes but the strong current made it difficult to stay in one place to watch them. We managed to see the customary Clown Fish in amongst the anemone.

The Bar @ Hakuraa Huraa

Tonight’s entertainment was advertised as an acrobat but there was a distinct lack of balancing prowess as a magician took to the stage! The two of us looked on in embarrassment as he performed quite basic tricks and got very little response from the audience. He wasn’t the worst act I’d ever seen, but he was there among them!