The Preverbial Fan Has Been Hit

Whenever I decide to go on holiday something always seems to go wrong at work, and this year was no exception! The very first day, just as I was boarding the plane, a phone call was received in the office announcing the cessation of Yahoo Search Submit Pro (YSSP), a service that Yahoo offered for which we were one of only a handful of companies that were allowed to partake in.

In a nutshell this service allows us to supply deep linking URLs into Yahoo’s database for inclusion in search results. So if you were a supplier of goods and had an extensive catalogue we could get every single one of those products entered into the database without you having to wait for your site to be crawled by Yahoo.

Yahoo’s announcement that they would be stopping this service at the end of the year comes about after Microsoft and Yahoo ‘merged’ a few months ago and the rumour is that Microsoft wanted rid of YSSP as part of the deal. So, as I was climbing to 36,000 feet, the lackeys in the office were finding out that come January 1st we’d be losing about 25% of our revenue stream!

Needless to say when I returned to the office, the mood was pretty grim and we have now been tasked with trying to make up this shortfall through our other offerings of shopping engine submission and data feed building. So while we still have all of our normal work to get on with, there’s going to be some late nights as we try to find some new ways to bring in the coffers.

Happy days!