Dream Team April Results

After the boring Champions League semi-finals the time has come for the penultimate Manager of The Month competition. And yet again it seems that all the best substitutions were made to teams that aren’t taking this seriously!

This month, the award for MotM actually goes to the team who was the 6th highest scorers and were nearly 100 points behind the actual top scorers. So bad luck to Warren (286 points), Stuart (217 points), James (198 points), Steve (216 points) and myself (219 points) for doing well but with the wrong teams!

But Steve can take joy in knowing that it was his 6th placed team Bald Is Beautiful that take the £20 prize, after scoring 193 points. Warren’s second team not taking part were next (190 points), and Nic’s Fringe Putters followed closely on 180 points.

As of this morning the actual league table looked a little like this (clicky to make biggy):

So with only one month to go there’s everything to play for as the end of season prizes could go to teams sitting in 6th/7th positions. Think of it as our own little qualification for the Europa league!