SDC MAC Update (SDC) are launching a new FTP Reports service from the Merchant Account Centre. This accouncement was taken from their latest newsletter:

What does this mean?
1. New FTP infrastructure means we can deliver daily performance reports to all our merchants and partners
2. Reports are set up, generated and published automatically
3. Within the first week of enrolment we can provide access to 45 days of historical reports

Which reports?

1. Product Performance Report (Only available if the Full SDC ROI Tracker is installed)
2. Zero Bid Report
3. Traffic and Sales Report (Category Performance Report)
4. Billing Report
5. Bid History Report
6. Product Feed History Report

Also announced in the newsletter was a free offer to get a merchant rating badge:

The merchant rating badge is designed to communicate to your customers the importance of merchant feedback and to improve conversion to sale. Combined with our new localized reviews, your customers will now be able to see how their feedback is incorporated on after they have made a purchase through your store. Quick customer feedback will also help to improve your ratings.

The merchant rating badge can be added to your site through a simple HTML code and you will find full instructions plus the implementation code in the Merchant Account Centre.

Users should note:

* This code does not work on secure https website pages. It will cause a security warning to popup if you implement on a secure page.
* In order for the Merchant Rating Badge to appear on your website you must satisfy two requirements:

1. Paste the Merchant Rating Badge code onto your website exactly as it appears in the Add-ons section of the CPC program tab
2. The rating will only appear after you achieve a minimum rating of 4.0.

Once these two requirements have been completed, then your badge will appear on your site.