So you’ve seen the posts about Shopping.com and Kelkoo, and are wondering why it’s appearing here. Well it’s all down to my job as an Account Director for Outrider.

Outrider UK is a specialist search engine marketing (SEM) agency who deal with product/data feeds and one of the services we offer is to provide product listings to Comparison Shopping Engines for our clients. We also submit to Yahoo!’s Search Submit Pro service and carry out bespoke work based around all different formats of data, be it xml files, spreadsheets or text files.

The technology we use, Decide DNA, is an award winning full service SEM platform that apart from fully managing a PPC cmapaign, allows you to import one data file and export it in any number of formats. This allows us to create feeds for all of the major comparison engines in the UK as well as some of the smaller ones as well. Add into the mix a large number of European engines and portals as well and you can see that we offer a wide marketplace for our clients to reach their customers!

As Account Director, it’s my responsibility to ensure the team deliver to our clients expectations and performance targets whether they are running a campaign on one engine or 10, while looking for other avenues to explore so that our clients get the best possible coverage and service.