The Tokyo Tourist Visits Asakusa

4th May 2006 – 18:00

The second day of the holidays – again, very sunny – saw me take a trek over to Asakusa where you will find Senso-ji, a 7th Century temple. As I expected, 17 million other people (approx) were also here to visit the temple and throw coins, bow and pray to Kannon, the Buddhist God of Mercy. Outside the temple the place was awash with many different smells from the food stalls. I bought some Yakitori to fit in with the locals and tried to find out if there was anything more to do in Asakusa which there isn’t.

As I’ve been on my little excursions I haven’t been able to carry everything around with me, so in the morning I do my best to remember where to go, what to see and how to get there so that I can leave my Tokyo book in the apartment. The reason for this is that it’s too big to fit in my pockets, I don’t have a small bag to carry it in plus I don’t want to look like a tourist. Something which is very hard not to do for a westerner in this town! But today I was able to put one of the few phrases I do know into practice – nihongo wa hanase masen (I don’t speak Japanese) – to buy a small bag! Taking the bag to the counter, the lady then looked at me and said something to which I replied “nihongo wa hanase masen”. The lady “ahh”-d at me and just took my money. Simple!