My First Earthquake

2nd May 2006 – 23:00

There was an earthquake today! I’m not sure how big (or should that be how small) it was but it was quite exciting! You get the feeling that the building wobbles, which it obviously is doing. Some people in the office have to stand when it happens or else they feel queasy. It really was quite a bizarre feeling!

So what else have I been up to apart from swaying from side to side? After my non-existent Saturday I decided that I would do some more exploring so I headed towards Ginza on Sunday. Again I’d been told that there were lots of expensive shops there but I had another reason for going there – The Sony Building. My home from home. My Nirvana. My god, how cheap it is!! 8 floors of Sony gadgetry at prices 25% (and more) cheaper than in the UK. I did very well not buying anything (although I am still here for another 4 weeks!). They also had a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition on (he’s quite popular at the moment, can’t think why!) with models of some of his inventions and computer interactivity but unfortunately it was all in Japanese so I just looked around!

Once I’d managed to drag myself out of the building I headed towards one of the busy streets and found Gucci, Prada, and Tiffany but I was somewhat restrained and just walked past. Oh, OK I took a quick look in Tiffany’s. I didn’t try on any rings though! 😉

After a few hours of just wandering and looking in various shops and stalls (and listening to a school band playing) I decided that I should head back and try to find somewhere that’s showing a certain football game in a couple of weeks. As the game will be on late, somewhere close to the apartment would be very handy. Roppongi (again). After a bit more exploring of parts of Roppongi I’d not seen before I went to the Hobgoblin pub I’d seen on my first visit. Sure enough they will be showing the game but they do charge £5 for a pint of Stella! I am also ashamed to say that I ate here as well – the smell of the roast dinner when I entered was too much.