A Bit Of Culture

6th May 2006 – 19:00

The third and final day of the holidays was another sunny day, with the temparature pushing 27°C. After a brief visit to Shibuya (the highlight of which was a statue of a dog!) I decide upon a bit of cultural time and headed to the Mori Art Musuem at Roppongi Hills. After stopping off to watch some acrobats it was up to the 53rd floor of the Roppongi Hills tower which is where the museum is. Before entering though, I took a slight detour to the Observation floor (52nd) to take in the views all around Tokyo. On a clear day you can see Mount Fuji but it was a bit too hazy to see it today.

The museum has an exhibition on at the moment called “Tokyo-Berlin Berlin-Tokyo” and is a look at the influences each city has on each other. Starting from the turn of the century to the modern day. Maybe to some artists and those ‘in the know’ it was a fascinating piece of cultural symbolism, to me it was a load of pictures on walls!

After a few hours spent at the dizzy heights I returned to earth-level and headed back home to get changed before going out for something to eat. After a day consuming Japanese and German cultures it was now the time to consume some American – The Hard Rock Cafe! I’m sorry but since visiting our first one in Egypt I now feel it is my honour, no, my duty to visit this same restaurant whenever I see one in another country. It was a truly hilarious night which I feel can only be summarised in person and not in the written form so remind me to re-enact the encounter when we next speak!