Painting The Town Red Again

29th April 2006 – 19:00

So the question I’m asking myself today is “When was the last time you went clubbing and stayed out until 5am?”

In fact there is another question as well: “When was the last time you got up at after 4pm on a Saturday?”

As it was Hyunjoo’s last day yesterday 7 of us went out for dinner after work (see yesterday for what kind of food we had!) and enjoyed several drinks including (lots of) nihonshu, a 55% rice wine. After the fight for the bill took place (which happens a lot out here) we jumped into a couple of taxis and headed to Roppongi. This was good news for me as it meant I would not have too much trouble getting home as it is only a 15-20 minute walk from my appartment. We had a wander around while waiting for everyone to turn up and tried to decide where to go. After a while we decided to go to a club called Vanilla (no I didn’t have Vanilla Ice in my drinks!).

Vanilla is a large club with 3 floors/rooms playing Techno, House and Hip Hop. The flyers that were being handed out allowed “foreigners and women” to get in for 1000 Yen (about £5). It was absolutely packed as you would expect for a Friday night and unfortunately the room that played the best music of the 3 (Hip Hop) was so packed you couldn’t actually get to the bar! The techno room wasn’t much better (music-wise or in space) so we ended up on the House floor drinking cans of Heineken and dancing until the small hours!

As Hyunjoo had to get a plane we left the club at about 3.30am to put her in a taxi home and any thoughts of heading home myself were quickly dashed when Morita-san suggested we go get something to eat. In England this would mean a kebab. Morita-san had other ideas. TGI Fridays!! In fact this was his second idea but unfortunatley the Hard Rock Cafe was shut! What more could you want at this time on a Saturday morning than a huge plate of fries and a burger so big you have to cut in half to eat it?

When we had all finished we stepped outside into daylight and separated to make our different journeys home. Luckily for me, mine took only 15 minutes and on the way home I made sure that the alarm on my phone was turned off so that there was no danger of waking up too early. Unfortunately this meant that by the time I woke up the day was almost over (it is dark now) and anything I had planned to do today has now been put off until tomorrow.