Exploration Time

22nd April 2006 – 16:00

Went out for a wander to see what is in the vicinity so headed down towards the Tokyo Tower which looks like a cross between a television mast and the Eiffel Tower. Didn’t go in/up but now I know where it is!

I then walked back towards the appt but carried on in the direction of Roppongi. There is a posh mall up there (Roppongi Hills) with the likes of Banana Republic, Versace and Hugo Boss to name a few. Needless to say I didn’t buy anything there. There is also a cinema, observatory and Art Museum which I might go to in a week or so because it looks like there is going to be a DaVinci Code exhibition. Well I think that’s what the poster implied! Also found my first Starbucks!

Then I headed away from Roppongi using a different road than the one I came in on and found the Hobgoblin pub and Tokyo Sports Cafe, as well as TGI Fridays and the Hard Rock Cafe – at least I won’t go hungry! Fat, but not hungry!

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower at night

Took a walk down some side roads to see what kind of shops were around and it seemed a bit like a typical high street – McDs, another *Bucks, shops selling household items, book stores, cafes, etc… Ended up walking back to a ‘World Delicatessen’ to do some shopping in. I should have known that ‘World’ would mean foreign products highly inflated in price! I bought the following:

* Corn Flakes
* 3 bagels
* strawberry jam
* oreos
* tin of chicken noodle soup
* diet Pepsi
* milk
* margarine
* cheddar
* ham

and it came to £20!!! Ah well, at least the company are going to pay for it!

I’ve just realised I haven’t told you exactly where I am. If you take a look at the metro map that I gave you and look at Haneda Airport right at the bottom, if you go up from there about 4 centimeters you will see Azabu-juban station (or as I like to call it, Azerbaijan). Roppongi is one station west and work is at Daimon which is 2 stations East.

Tiredness is creaping up on me again so might put my head down for a bit, although I should really ride it out and get lots of sleep tonight! But a couple of hours won’t hurt, will it?