Star Wars Battlefront

As rubbish as I am with FPS games on the Playstation, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of buying Star Wars Battlefront when it came out last week. It’s Star Wars for Christ’s sake!

The game itself is brilliant to play, putting you in a number of locations from the Star Wars universe (Hoth, and letting you blast away your opponents in the usual array of multiplayer games such as Blast (which is your classic Deathmatch), Droid Run and Supremacy. You also get the chance to fly some of the iconic aircraft including X-wings, TIE fighters and even the Millennium Falcon.

While the majority of games sees you play as generic Empire or Rebel Alliance characters there are a couple of modes where you can play as the main heroes and villains as well. Using the Force push as Luke Skywalker is amusing at times!

Being as rubbish as I am I have spent most of the time coming in the bottom three of Blast matches and levelling up very slowly!

Lego Jurassic World

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been passing the time on my daily commute by playing Lego Jurassic World on my Vita, and last night I finally completed all levels, collected all bricks and minikits and collected enough Lego studs for the Platinum trophy to drop.

The main game follows the story of all four films, with each film having nine chpaters plus a bonus level. Most of the trophies you can collect in the game are story focussed but to get the platinum you need to collect all of the other trophies. This includes having to accumulate two billion studs which requires a lot of grinding of levels to get them as quickly as possible.

Fortunatley there is a level that you can play that with all the stud multipliers activated you can collect 65 million studs in about one minute. So you can get the studs you need despite it becoming very repetitive.

This was the fifth platinum trophy that I’ve managed to achieve, and the third of which is in a Lego game. I can see a pattern forming…

Rocket League

A few years ago, Top Gear had the idea of playing a game of football using cars. They kitted out some Toyota Aygos and VW Foxes in team colours and bashed the hell out of them as they played each other.
Top Gear Football
Fast forward to now, take that same idea, add boosters, and a bit of madness, transfer to the PS4 and you have Rocket League, a brilliant and funny game that ended up being free to PS+ subscribers in July.

You are able to choose your own vehicles and customise them with paint jobs and designs but this is just a little bit of filler to the main game. While you are able to play it against AI, the fun comes when you go online and play against friends. Even playing against the great unwashed is fun as there’s no rage or swearing, everyone’s just having a laugh!

Project Cars Is Here

There was a rumour going around that Game might be entering into administration again soon and so as I have around £60 worth of vouchers and reward points saved up I decided that it was probably a good time to cash them in.

And that is why I now own a copy of Project Cars!

It’s a driving game more in the vein of Gran Turismo than DriveClub and so there’s a lot more to do. Hopefully they’ll have the online side of the game sorted with no problems, and a lobby feature to allow private races among friends. Something that DriveClub doesn’t have.

Not had a chance to play it yet, though…

The Console Doctor Will See You Now

After a couple of phone calls at the beginning of the week to firstly Domestic and General to find out what they are going to do for my borked PS3 and then to Console Doctor who are the company that will be charged with trying to fix it, my PS3 is now on its way to the Console Doctor to be fixed.


D&G told me, after eventually working out what cover I had that it would need to be sent off to Console Doctor who specialise in fixing consoles, as their name implies.

I gave them a call to find out what the process would be to find that I had two options according to my insurance cover. I could send it off to them and they would try to fix it, or I could swap it over for a new (or most likely a refurbished) one. But it wouldn’t be the same model, it would be a 12GB Slim version, although they’d swap the hard drive over so I wouldn’t lose the capacity.

While the option to have a new-ish console has its benefits, namely not being a model that suffers from YLOD, it’s an ugly machine, and so that’s why I opted to have them try to fix my one.

Cue some scurrying around to try and find a box big enough to pack it into (I’ve not got the original one it came in anymore) wrapping it in bubble wrap and packing the rest of the box in the stuff, I dropped it off at a collection point earlier. Hopefully it won’t take long to get it back.