Up At The O2 - climbing the iconic venue
Up At The O2 - climbing the iconic venue

Up At The O2

If you were given fifty pounds and told to have an ‘experience’, something that pushes you, maybe takes you outside your comfort zone or is something you wouldn’t normally do, how would you spend it?

This was the dilemma I was given recently as part of my High Potentials course. After a day of being taught to look at things from a different perspective, we finished the day by being given exactly those instructions and a crisp fifty-pound note.

A few of us from the group threw around some ideas at the pub afterward and things such as sky-diving, taking a yoga class and getting a tattoo were bandied about. This got me thinking into what is it that I generally don’t like? The answer was simple. Heights. Can’t stand ’em! What could I do that would push me into doing something that I wouldn’t normally?

I know, climb over the O2!

It’s not as crazy as it sounds as there is a walking tour experience that climbs you up and over the O2 with a viewing platform at the top. So yesterday, I and my HiPo buddy spent the morning clambering up the iconic venue.

Having been kitted out in the necessary equipment and given a safety briefing, our ascent started on the south side of the arena. The walkway up and over the roof was a slightly springy tarpaulin and at times got quite steep. Trying not to look down as I climbed, we made our way slowly to the top, our pace being set by the people in front of us who were taking it quite slowly.

We eventually made it to the top viewing platform without falling over the side and dropping to our death (always a good sign!) and the 360-degree views across London and Kent were phenomenal. It was a clear, sunny day and you could easily make out the Wembley arch in the distance to the west, the Olympic Stadium in Stratford and as far as Crystal Palace in the south.

After a good deal of time taking photos, we started the descent, which turned out to be a bit more difficult than the original climb up. At times I felt that I might fall forward and tumble down the tarpaulin but fortunately I made it down without incident!

My fear of heights made the journey up and down a little hairy, but once at the top it was easy to forget where you were as you took in the scenery around you.

Up At The O2 - climbing the iconic venue

Up At The O2 – climbing the iconic venue

Up At The O2 - climbing the iconic venue

Up At The O2 – climbing the iconic venue

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