Some Day My PRINCE Will Come

It’s not often that I get a week off work and still manage to go into London every day, but that’s what happened this week as I got the wonderful opportunity to do a PRINCE2 course.

It was decided a couple of months back that each member of the team at work would get the chance to do this project management course and as it was being paid for by the company it was hard to turn it down. As much as I wanted to! It’s been a few years since I did any proper studying and who actually likes sitting exams? Not me, that’s for sure.

We had been given about fifteen hours of pre-course work and tests to do prior to turning up on Monday so I’d already had a good chance to find out that I probably wouldn’t enjoy it. So the course started on Monday and there were two, count them, two exams to sit during the week as well as around four hours of homework to do each night. Somebody wasn’t going to be seeing much of his family for a while!

The course itself was quite frustrating as the way the tutor taught the course followed no cohesive pattern, he jumped all over the syllabus like a rabid kangaroo which made no sense at all. This made trying to follow it and piece it all together very difficult. It felt like we were being taught how to pass the first exam, not the fundamentals of PRINCE2. We spent most of the first couple of days highlighting passages in the manual.

Despite this I somehow managed to pass the first exam, the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, scraping through with 72%. The next day we did a couple of practice papers for the second exam and out some tabs in the manual to help us. No actual learning.

Having done OK on the practice papers I was feeling a little better about the proper exam, but that tiny spark of confidence disappeared about fifteen minutes into it.

It was tough!

As I was working through it I realised that the practice exams were just a front, a way of getting your hopes up before bringing you crashing down to reality to a paper that was far more difficult. It could well have been on a different subject for all the good my preparation had been.

Needless to say I, and many of the other students, came out of it with confidence zapped and all thinking that we would fail it. Which in a way was a little reassuring, that everyone found it hard meant I wasn’t as stupid as I thought I may have been.

We won’t get the results through for a week maybe, but there’s no way I’m going to be fretting about it. It’s not as though I really wanted to do it in the first place. What’s annoying is that I’ve wasted a week and have hardly seen The Wife or Little E while on the course.

Update: 29/08
Somehow I passed the damn thing! Only just, mind!

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