I’m On A Boat

Our team at work decided to throw a “gathering” for the teams that we do a lot of work with and we held it on a canal boat in North London. As you do!

It wouldn’t be a proper work do without there being copious amounts of alcohol and before we boarded we headed to Waitrose to fill up on booze, wine and snacks. Carrying two trolleys down a flight of steps to the canal side wasn’t too easy but we managed it. And by ‘we’ I mean other people!

The boat headed east from its mooring towards Islington at a pace slightly faster than a snail. We passed through the Islington Canal Tunnel which is just under one kilometer long, fortunately with no one coming the other way. On the other side of the tunnel we did a three point turn near the City Road lock and headed back the way we’d come and continued past our starting point towards Camden. We made it nearly as far as Camden Lock before turning round a gain to finish up at Granary Square.

Lots of drink and food was consumed and while a lot of talk was work-based it wasn’t too dull. As we disembarked people hailed it a success and suggested we make it a regular thing. Hopefully no too regular though as it wasn’t cheap to organise!

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