Bat Out Of Hell The Musical

Last night, The Wife and I had our first proper night out together since just before Little E was born. That was 16 months ago and if memory serves me correctly it was when we took our niece to see Matilda. This time it was another West End musical, Bat Out of Hell.

You could say I’m a bit of a fan of Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf. I own pretty much everything they’ve done, both together and separately. Rare albums. Demo tracks. German musicals. You name it, I’ve probably got it. And so when it was announced that BOOH would be coming to London we had to get tickets.

“So what’s it about?”, I hear nobody ask. Well to be honest the story is a bit WTF. A bit Peter Pan. A bit Romeo & Juliet. A lot odd! Some kids don’t age after they turn eighteen and become The Lost (or Lost Boys as J. M. Barrie would call them). They don’t like the guy that runs the city, but his daughter falls for the ‘leader’ of the Lost. Still with me?

Anyway, the storyline is a bit naff but this show is ALL about the music. Taking songs from the best selling album of all time as well as other Jim Steinman classics (and a couple of not so well known ones) the theatre rocks out for the best part of three hours. It’s like an extended concert and there’s not a bad song among them!

There’s a couple of times when it is obvious that a song has been shoehorned in, but nowhere near the number of times it happens in Mamma Mia, and so despite the naff story it kind of works.

The Metro paper didn’t know whether to give this show one or five stars. Take away the songs and its a one star. But the songs make it a five star show! It’s on a limited run so get tickets while you still can.

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