Back To The Hospital Again

Yet another hospital visit today for a check up on my screwed up knee. I’m getting pain in it more frequently the sharp pain I used to get once every couple of weeks now happens at least every day. It also hurts after driving a long distance.

So it was back to the hospital for a review with a different consultant. She asked what the problem was and the history behind it and then proceeded to twist & turn and poke & prod on and around the knee to try to determine what the problem was.

The last time I’d been here I was told it was ligament damage but she didn’t seem convinced. She thought it was more likely a meniscus problem, either a small tear or part of it having broken lose and getting caught within the joint.

Her recommendation was to get an MRI done and then see for certain what the problem was. Chances are that I’d need keyhole surgery to fix the problem, so that’s going to be fun!

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