Pass The Crutches On The Left Hand Side*

Second day of being on crutches and today I have had to go it alone as The Wife has gone back to work.

It’s more difficult than I imagined to get around the house and to do everyday things when you have to use crutches and can only stand on one leg. Making a cup of coffee this morning, I couldn’t carry the milk from the fridge to where the cup was so decided just to have it black. I couldn’t sit down to eat my breakfast as I was unable to carry my bowl of cereal over to the counter so ate it standing up.

By lunchtime though I had managed to come up with a solution that involved passing the plate around the edge of the worktop surfaces to get it to where I could sit down comfortably. My toast was cold by the time I got round there though!

Trying to find a comfortable position to work on my laptop while laid out on the sofa is less difficult, although this does have the downside of having to do some work!

On the plus side not being at work I was around to take delivery of what could be our last ever order of root beer from American Soda

*there aren’t enough Musical Youth references around these days!

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