The Console Doctor Will See You Now

After a couple of phone calls at the beginning of the week to firstly Domestic and General to find out what they are going to do for my borked PS3 and then to Console Doctor who are the company that will be charged with trying to fix it, my PS3 is now on its way to the Console Doctor to be fixed.


D&G told me, after eventually working out what cover I had that it would need to be sent off to Console Doctor who specialise in fixing consoles, as their name implies.

I gave them a call to find out what the process would be to find that I had two options according to my insurance cover. I could send it off to them and they would try to fix it, or I could swap it over for a new (or most likely a refurbished) one. But it wouldn’t be the same model, it would be a 12GB Slim version, although they’d swap the hard drive over so I wouldn’t lose the capacity.

While the option to have a new-ish console has its benefits, namely not being a model that suffers from YLOD, it’s an ugly machine, and so that’s why I opted to have them try to fix my one.

Cue some scurrying around to try and find a box big enough to pack it into (I’ve not got the original one it came in anymore) wrapping it in bubble wrap and packing the rest of the box in the stuff, I dropped it off at a collection point earlier. Hopefully it won’t take long to get it back.

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