Another Southeastern Debacle

This morning we had the first light splatter of snow of the year, and as fully expected Southeastern’s trains ended up going tits up.

When I left home there was a light dusting of snow, it had settled but was probably about 1cm deep. By the time I got to the station there were some big flakes falling but still it wasn’t looking too bad.

So why is it that there were suddenly no trains? Well I’d love to say it was because of those white flakes of coldy goodness but it was actually down to a points failure somewhere near Whitstable. This resulted in trains being delayed by more than an hour and a half as they waited for the problem to get fixed.

8PM UPDATE: Trains got screwed up again on the journey home this evening as a trespasser on the line meant my train was delayed by half an hour. I can feel another Delay Repay form coming…

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