Walking Dead? More Like Stumbling Dead!

I have got lots of games currently sitting on my PS Vita that haven’t been started and so with a lack of TV programmes to watch on my commute to work I decided to start playing some of them.

Most of the games are free ones courtesy of being a Playstation Plus subscriber, but there are others that I have shelled out coinage for. The Walking Dead is one of them and so having enjoyed Season One, I decided to crack on with Season Two.

Episode One of the new season picks up a couple of months after the end of Season One with you taking control of Clementine < SPOILER > after the death of Lee < /SPOILER > and trying to stay alive with the people that you have met along the way.

Needless to say, things go wrong quite quickly. Clementine gets separated from her friends, attacked by a dog, locked away in a shed, attacked by walkers and eventually made to feel part of the group who locked her in the shed.

There is a quite harrowing scene in which you have to sew up Clementine’s arm from the dog bite and it really did make me squirm.

This is what makes the game so good. You really feel as though you are the character, undergoing their trials and tribulations, feeling their pain and caring more for them because of it. Telltale Games really do suck you in to the world they create.

But…and it’s a pretty big but… there is something really wrong with the Vita version of the game which ruins it.

Firstly the sound is bad. There are crackles on the soundtrack of the dialogue audio and at places it’s hard to work out what has been said. Luckily I play with the subtitles on so I don’t miss anything.

However the main problem is that the game stutters all over the place. The audio will carry on playing but the screen freezes for a second or two at a time. Once or twice I’ve clocked it at more than five seconds which is unforgiveable in today’s game playing world. It will always happen when there is something about to happen which involves you interacting with the screen or controls and when there appears to be lots going happening on the screen.

The game has been out for nearly a year and Telltale Games has done nothing to try and fix what is quite obviously a broken game. If this was happening on a triple-A game there would be uproar from the hundreds of thousands of people playing it. In fact it did happen with Assasins’ Creed Unity recently and Ubisoft had to deal with a shit-storm from gamers around the world.

So why have Telltale Games not done anything about it? Who knows! I tweeted them about it but so far haven’t had a response. And it is not just me who has got the problem, it’s widespread! And this is a shame because the game could be absolutely brilliant but in it’s current broken state, you get distracted from the game and don’t get the same level of immersion as you should do.

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