The Cyclone is coming

Bad Weather Continues

The rains hit hard early this morning as the cyclone got closer to the island. We were woken at 6am as the winds built up and it stayed this way for all of the morning, eventually easing off a bit into the afternoon.

There wasn’t much to do as we were restricted to either our room or the bar so after breakfast we pitched up in the bar with our books and a deck of cards. Today we spent most of the day just sat on the beach reading our books and playing the “Got One”* game.

The rest of the day was spent in those same seats until we headed back to the room to kill a bit of time with The Walking Dead.

There was good news after dinner though as it appears as though Cyclone Bejisa is no longer heading out way and so the weather may pick up tomorrow.

Let’s wait and see…

* our name for 20 Questions. Because you have to think of a person first and when you have someone in mind, you say “OK, got one”.

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