Back In Blighty

Well so much for having an early night for our last night in Mauritius! After dinner we sat in the bar for ‘just one before bed’ which turned into 4 or 5 and eventually we went to bed at about 1am, having drunk far too much rum!

This proved to be a bad idea as we had a wake up call at 5.30am as we were getting picked up to be taken to the airport at 6.15am. A combination of too much alcohol and not enough sleep meant the hour journey to the airport was not fun. I felt quite sick and thought we may have to pull over so I could throw up on the side of the road.

Fortunately we didn’t have to resort to this and I managed to keep things on the inside. When we arrived at the airport we joined the queue to check in our suitcases and made it through security, leaving it to the very last minute to finish off the bottle of Sprite we were drinking to try and alleviate the sickness and keep us hydrated!

We did very little while waiting to board our plane. We bought a couple of items in the duty free shop but mainly spent the time sat in the departure lounge at our gate feeling sorry for ourselves.

The 12hr flight itself was pretty uneventful. The in-flight entertainment selection was a bit poor It is probably the first time that neither of us had an alcoholic drink on a long haul flight. Which was a shame considering it was free and we’d booked a taxi to take us home because we thought we might be over the limit and unable to drive.

We eventually made it home nineteen hours after leaving the hotel. Tired and grumpy, we were in bed within an hour. But we were back in our own comfortable bed, and that was the best thing!

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