2014 Gets Underway

Prologue: The Wife and I have come to Mauritius to celebrate our anniversary and New Year…

After a lie in following last night’s New Year’s celebrations (which contained silly hats and party blowers) we woke to a lack of sun and high winds as the impending cyclone approaches the country.

We spent the day on the beach not getting a tan as the clouds hid the sun all day. The red flag means that venturing into the sea is a no-no so there’s not much to do except get engrossed in a book.

This afternoon we are upgraded to a level 2 warning which means people should start stocking up on candles and water. As long as our hotel has enough alcohol to see us through we should be alright.

Dinner is a mix of food styles from the buffet, but afterwards we are embarrassed by the hotel staff as we are presented with a cake, champagne and a rousing rendition of “Congratulations” from the hotel singer to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

The rest of the night is spent trying to finish the bottle of champagne and wondering why we were only given two slices of the cake. Where did the rest go?

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