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PS4 First Impressions

I picked up the PS4 at midnight from my local Game store and once I’d got it home I unboxed it, had a look at it and then went to bed

Any thoughts I’d had of playing on it for a bit went out the window as tiredness crept up on me. So this morning I fired it up went through the rigmarole of updating the software, connecting the controllers, setting up the camera, downloading the free games, all before breakfast so that I could have a nice long session on it.

The first thing you notice is the new user interface which is a marked improvement on the XMB, and brings in all your recent activity on to the main screen. Loading games is a lot quicker and the machine is also quieter than my original 60GB PS3 which sounds like a wind tunnel at times! Firing up Killzone Shadow Fall shows just how good the graphics are on the new console, it looks really beautiful.

I struggle through the game for a couple of hours (I am rubbish at FPS games!) before deciding to try out a couple of the free games that you get for being a Playstaion Plus subscriber. Of the three, Contrast, Warframe and Resogun, it is the latter which is the best by far. A simple, yet addictive shooter that sees you going back to it to try to beat your last score. I can see me playing a bit of this as you can just pick it up and play with ease.

After lunch I put my Assassin’s Creed IV disc in to the machine and get ready for some open-world pirate exploration. I’ve only played an Assassin’s Creed game on the PSP before a few years ago so I’m not that used to the gameplay but I quickly get stuck in to some parkour and stealth. The sheer scale of the game is amazing, it is going to keep me occupied for many a month I can tell.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the sharing aspect of the console yet (you can upload pics & vids to FB and Twitter and stream live gameplay to Twitch and Ustream) but overall it is a great console. I just wish that there were more AAA games to play on it right now!

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