The next iteration of the Grand Theft Auto game is released next week and as the launch date gets nearer, snippets of information about the game start to appear on forums and social network sites.

A couple of weeks ago, Playstation users found that the pre-launch code was downloaded onto their machines and some were able to extrapolate what music would appear on the radio stations within the game. You can see a breakdown of the music playlists here.

Yesterday, the map of Los Santos, the fictional area where the game takes place, appeared before it was suddenly pulled but I managed to get a screenshot of it. Click the image to view a larger version…

According to a Rockstar exec, the game is probably going to take 100 hours to complete, which is huge! But when you see the size of the gameplay area you can roam about in, that’s fully understandable. And that doesn’t even include the hours you can spend on the multiplayer side of the game.

Here’s to becoming a recluse over the next few months!

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