Things About Music I Never Knew

Since creating my Why You No Play Me iTunes playlist I’ve listened to loads of songs that I didn’t know I had and it’s been a bit of a revelation hearing some really good songs. Although there’s been a few dodgy ones as well.

Today I have learnt two things about music…

Firstly, the song Make Luv by Room 5 features a sample of a song by Oliver Cheatham called Get Down Saturday Night that was released in 1983, and I have a copy of this song and never knew!

And secondly the song The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) by The Bucketheads from 1995 uses a sample from Chicago’s song Street Player, which I have a copy of and never knew. Not only that, but the “these sounds fall into my mind” bit isn’t what is sung. The original lyric is actually “street sounds swirling through my mind”. Go on, listen to it…

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