Why You No Play Me. Update

A couple of weeks ago I made a dedicated effort to start listening to all of the music on my iPod, after determining that I haven’t listened to a lot of what is on there. So I created a smart playlist called Why You No Play Me in iTunes and started listening.

I generally only listen to my iPod on my walks to and from the train station and work which means I only get through an hour’s worth of songs a day. At this rate it would take 720 days to wade through it all. So I have decided to cheat just a little bit.

On each walking stint, I am allowing myself up to 2 skips. However, I soon realised that skipping a song, even if you listen to that first 90 seconds, doesn’t count as it having been listened to. In order for it to generate a ‘listened to’ count of 1, it has to play the very end of the song. So that didn’t work, I;m just putting off listening to some songs and the play count doesn’t go down.

The original count of unlistened to songs was a shade over 8,500 and over the last fortnight I have managed to get through a few hundred so now the count of virgin songs stands at 8,168.

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