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Milton Jones

Another day another comedy gig!

One of the Christmas presents that The Wife and I received from my sister last year was a pair of tickets to see Milton Jones at the Hammersmith Apollo and last night was the night of the gig.

I’ve stated before how I think that big venues ruin comedy because of the intimacy of a smaller venue and so while the gig was really funny, with Milton delivering his trademark one liners with finesse all evening, I think the size of the venue detracted a little bit from the jokes.

With the rate of gags being quite high there’s only a brief moment for you to catch your breath before another punchline comes straight at you. Best gag of the night? Probably the one that starts “If you Google ‘lost medieval servant boy’…“. I won’t ruin the punchline for you, go and see him live!

Chris Martin was the warm up act and unusually for us it was someone we’d not seen before but he had a great set, even going with the crowd and their unusually bad heckles to get more laughs. Wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

The weakest part of the night was Milton Jones’ pre-Milton Jones section which consisted of him coming on stage as his granddad (no, the other one) and delivering a short set. It was funny in places but didn’t really flow well. Him having to be a character that isn’t him just didn’t work. Part of Jones’ appeal is the character that he’s built up over the years and so taking that away from the stage is a bad move.

Overall though, it was a good night out, even better when the tickets were a gift! Thanks Sis!

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