Getting The Horne

Having got hold of a pair of free tickets via the BBC website, last night The Wife and I headed over to BBC Broadcasting House near Oxford Circus for a recording of the Radio 4 comedy programme Alex Horne Presents The Horne Section.

It’s a musical-based comedy sketch show centered around Alex Horne and is band, the Horne Section. It’s funny because his name is Horne, and in an orchestra you get a horn section. You see? So it’s his Horne section. So clever!

I’m a big fan of musical comedy and this show hit the spot with lots of clever puns, musical stories in various styles and a bit of improv thrown in. Charlie Baker was the special guest doing a 15 minute routine (which will certainly be cut down in the edit) showing off his tap-dancing skills and even getting in on playing the band’s instruments.

It was a really funny show, and as it was free that makes it even better. The Wife and I both enjoyed it and I’ll be looking out for it when it airs in a couple of weeks along with the rest of the series.

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