Out of Our Home Into A House

I don’t think I ever want to move again!

Today was supposed to be the start of the next chapter in our lives. An exciting and thrilling time. But yet again people seem to go out of their way to balls things right up!

The removal men arrived on time to get started on loading the van up and I managed to get my kit car moved over to the new house without issue. When I got there there was supposed to be someone there with the garage key so I could put it away straight away. but there wasn’t!

The flooring guy and cleaners were also supposed to be there finishing off the house but they weren’t. Why they couldn’t have done this a few days ago I still don’t know!

I go back to our home and spent the rest of the morning cleaning the place with The Wife as the removal guys cleared the rooms.

As we got closer to midday, when we would need to be finishing off and getting ready to drive down to the estate agents to drop the keys off and pick up the ones to the new house, we got a call telling us that the payment had been delayed from our buyer, but they were hoping it would be done by 12.30pm!

We were also told that we didn’t need to drive down and drop the keys off, as they already had one so we could just leave our keys in the house and then meet the site manager up at the new place who had our keys. A quick call to our solicitor and he told us not to hand over any keys until they had confirmation that things could proceed.

At 12.45pm we get the call that everything is fine, the money has gone through, our home is no longer ours and we have a new house to move into! So we headed over to the new place…

When we got there, there isn’t someone there to meet us with the keys, the flooring guy is still laying the floor in the lounge and the cleaners have only just started to clean the house. The garage is locked and as the removal men need to unload into it first we can’t get anything off the lorry until we get the garage open.

We eventually get hold of the site manager who tells us that he’s left the keys under a rock! Well that’s bloody secure isn’t it! But at least we can start unloading.

When we go into the house it is absolutely freezing and the boiler isn’t working so there’s no heat or hot water! What’s more there are no lights working upstairs and flicking the switches in the fuse box just causes them to trip out.

We call the site manager again and tell him he needs to fix this ASAP. He tells us that someone will be round on Monday to fix them. We tell him that’s fucking unacceptable and we’ll have someone out now thank you very much!

None of the items on the epic snagging list have been completed so there are still these remaining problems that need to be fixed, which will be harder to do once all our stuff is in there.

Fast forwarding a few hours and we’re surrounded by loads of boxes, a couple of which we’ve started to unpack, the boiler is finally fixed but the electrician can’t come until Monday. No lights we can live with for a couple of days but at least we have heat and hot water.

You’d think that we’d be happy in our new place, but with all the problems we’ve had and all of the snagging issues still not being fixed, I can’t see us calling this house a home for a while yet!

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