The Cost Of Train Travel Isn’t Fare

It was announced today that some rail fares will go up by 6.2% in January, almost double the current rate of inflation. Once again, rail commuters are going to get shafted by the rail companies.

The cost of my season ticket has gone up by more than £1000 in 4 years, and with no significant increase in my salary I am now worse off than I was back then. If there is the proposed 6.2% rise on the cost of my annual season ticket with Southeastern, this means that my ticket will go up by nearly £300!

So what do we get for this increase? Well, absolutely nothing. The service doesn’t improve one bit. In fact it gets slower! With every release of a new timetable something changes so that the journey takes one or two minutes slower each time. Usually this is because they add in a stop at a new station.

So the journey takes longer and the price goes up. Seems fair doesn’t it!

*and yes I know it says ‘fare’ not ‘fair’ in the post title! It’s clever, see!

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