So Where Are All The People?

After the relatively pain free journey into work yesterday morning, the journey home last night proved to be just as painless.

I took the 2nd option of leaving work earlier than normal, in case there were loads of people at the station, but upon arriving at St Pancras there weren’t as many people as I was expecting. There was no queueing by the masses and I walked straight up to the platform. As I was so early I had to hang around a bit before my train arrived into the station.

As I was waiting, steady streams of people travelling to the Olympic park came up to the platform and boarded the trains, so it wasn’t quiet by any means. Just not overcrowded.

On the platform we were told to move to the front of the platform and board the first set of carriages, which for me was a pain. When I get off the train at my home station I need to be at the rear of the train or else it’s a bloody long walk back up the platform. So I just hung around the rear of the platform and when the train pulled in, ducked under the barrier and took my seat in the last carriage. And I wasn’t the only one to do so.

I don’t know how packed those front carriages were but my one was quite empty, nowhere near as busy as it would be on a normal Olympic-free commuting day, with quite a few empty seats. When we left Stratford and the Olympic visitors had disembarked, there were only 7 or 8 people left in our carrigae.

So after all the fuss everyone was making about thousands of people descending on London and the travel networks coming to a standstill, it’s all been a piece of piss!

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