Winners At Last

After 11 years of being a football club, Medway 2000 have finally won something!

At today’s MMSFL AGM, after the usual boring nonsense of rule changes, voting and general football talk, they got round to the awarding of prizes for last season. These included the woman of the year, young player of the year, referee of the year, groundsman of the year and net put-ter up-errer of the year. OK, so maybe not those last two.

There is also one set of divisional awards as voted for by each club, the Sportsmanship Award. Each team gets three votes and chooses the club that they deem to be most, well, sportsman-like. Also taken into consideration are scores given by the referees throughout the season.

And what do you know, this year we only went and won it for our division!

Not only did we get the lovely plaque/photo frame as seen above but we won a match all as well! I know! A whole ball!

Unfortunately we weren’t the highest scoring team amongst all the divisions, and so we didn’t get our league fees for next year paid for us! But still, it’s better than nothing, right?

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