Tim Minchin Concert

Another night, another concert! Last night we headed off to the O2 Arena to catch musical comedic maestro Tim Minchin doing his thing with a full 55-piece orchestra.

Having seen comedians at the O2 and similar large venues before, we were actually going back on our word as we’d said before that we wouldn’t go and see comics in arena-sized venues again as the experience isn’t quite the same, you don’t get the same intimacy. Tim obviously thinks the same as the concert got underway (after the big entrance) with a song called Nothing Ruins Comedy Like Arenas.

The set consisted of a selection of his best older songs (If I Didn’t Have You, Prejudice, etc..) as well as a number of new ones, including Lullaby, the Pope Song, which is a little bit sweary, and his cleverest song yet, Cont.

Finishing the main concert with Darkside he then came back on for two encores. The first one saw him play Not Perfect and when he came back for the second, we were treated to his Christmas song White Wine In The Sun, which is one of my favourite songs of his. It’s a song for, and about, his daughter and has a really nice sentiment to it, and a perfect way to end a brilliant night!

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