Snow Woes

The last few days has seen loads of snow fall across the UK but fortunately I was able to work from home for two days so that I didn’t have to make the treacherous journey into work. The wife wasn’t quite as fortunate and on Tuesday it took her three hours to get to work when it should take about an hour and forty minutes. This wasn’t just down to the bad weather, apparently there had been some fatalities on the line between home and London.

After two days of being bored working at home and having no one to talk to I decide that today I’d at least make an effort to get in. The SouthEastern web site was saying that while there was a very limited service on a couple of lines, the high speed trains appeared to be running to schedule.

Overnight we’d had about another three inches of fresh snow and so stepping out the front door I wasn’t sure if I’d made the right decision. We made it down to the main road where the snow was deep on the pavements but not that much better in the road. Making sure we trod carefully, we eventually made it to the station without mishap just as a train was pulling in. This was a good sign. Trains were at least moving.

At least there's a train running

They weren’t moving very quickly though because when it gets icy there’s problems with the third rail, and trains fail to get enough power for them to accelerate. After the train limped pathetically out of the station we waited for our one to arrive.

Twenty five minutes later we were still waiting for the next train. None of the departure boards were working except for a “sorry, there’s snow and we can’t cope in it” message and no announcements were made over the tannoys to inform us of what was going on. It eventually arrived after another five minutes but while we were worried that we might not get a seat, we saw that SouthEastern had had the good sense to make it 12 carriages long. However at the next stop all seats were gone!

After that it made it’s way slowly through the Medway Towns stopping at every station eventually hitting the high speed track and continuing on it’s way to St Pancras. Whether it was late or not it was hard to tell as no-one could tell what time it was supposed to have arrived!

My journey to work only took 2hrs door to door which isn’t bad when you consider we had to stand around for 30 minutes doing nothing. Once on the train it seemed to be fine.

Let’s see what the journey home later is like…

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