The Big Day (part 1)

After only 6 months of planning, our wedding finally arrived and it was absolutely fantastic. The whole day went by without a hitch and everyone appeared to have a great time.

I was up early in the morning, unable to sleep due to the anticiapation (or was it nerves?) of the whole day and so I went out for a wander around the grounds of Chilston Park, where we’d stayed the night before, to pass a bit of time and also to practice my speech. It was nice to be able to meander around quietly with no hassles, as the day would surely get a bit more hectic as it went on.

After returning to the room about half an hour later, my best man Phil and I went down to the restaurant and filled up on a traditional English breakfast with all the trimmings as it would be 3pm before we next ate. Then it was back up to the room to get suited up before heading downstairs to meet up with the decorators and to check that everything else was being prepared as we wanted.

I bumped into our photographer just as he had finished taking photos of the wife-to-be and her sister as they were getting ready, so Phil and I had a chance to strike some poses around the venue and also be caught in non-posed-for photos as we went about our late-morning chores.

As the first of our guests started to arrive, there was some mingling and thanking to do. Phil took charge of directing everyone to the Orangery (where the cermony would take place) while I hurried around making last minute checks. We had to meet up with the registrar to go through some formalities as well as discussing how the ceremony would go, before heading to the bar area to catch up with family and friends and to have a few more pictures taken (and enjoy a cheeky lager shandy).

About 10 minutes before the ceremony was due to begin, I was whisked away into the Orangery, not sure why. Maybe it was to allow me a moment of quiet reflection or it was just to make sure I didn’t leg it? Just before 1pm the guests started coming in as they’d been asked to take their seats. The ceremony was about to begin…

About 15 minutes later the bridal party eventually arrive and I eventually catch a sight of my bride coming down the aisle. All I could think was “WOW!”

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